Sunday 20th of June 2021
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BBC North West - Featuring The Diet Plate

Jane Barrett & Gordon Burns

After the national BBC series FAT NATION, BBC North West did a diet trial on three products, the first was a blood test diet from Holland, blood was taken and analysed and the lady who trialed it was told, she could not eat onions, tomatoes, lemons or drink white wine.

Any other food and she should be fine, so throughout the trial she ate normally and enjoyed some fish suppers. Result, she put on 5 lbs.

Next, a piece of gym equipment, that gives you a full work out in ten minutes for the equivalent of over an hour in the gym. The trialist, did not change his diet and continued to enjoy all his meals including takeaway curry and chips. Result, he lost 6lbs!

Then, The Diet PlateĀ®, originally considered the gadget of the three, believe it or not. Jane Lloyd our trialist said she would give it her best shot, over the 5-week period she did give it her best shot. Result, 13lbs weight loss and one amazed TV crew and trialist!

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