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It is a unique product that teaches people how to eat correctly with portion control and enables them to lose weight and stay slim in a sustainable manner permanently. There is a plate for each member of the household. There is a male plate, female plate, and the magic plate® for the children and a cereal bowl which has a dual purpose as a soup bowl. I think it is extremely important to teach our children how to eat correctly from a young age. Teach them the food groups, portion sizes and give them a start to a healthy is the best gift you could give them.


The magic foods are fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, lean protein and good fats. There is certainly truth in the statement “You are what you eat”! To lose weight you have to make up your mind that you really want to do this for yourself, and remember that you can with The Diet Plate®. It makes it all very easy for you. No pills, no shakes, no starvation, no weighing of food, just normal eating in the correct portions. Lifestyle is a choice. Choose to live well, manage your stress, eat healthily, value sleep and think good thoughts. Enjoy a healthy life by eating right.


Eat healthily, plan your meals and exercise! You will love yourself and so will your body! Change all the old habits and learn perfect portion control. Portion size is the key to permanent weight loss. The Diet Plate® really works. I wish all of you great success with this wonderful product.


Gail Galvin