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The Diet Plate Ltd. has created a turnkey Weight Management System designed for Health and Fitness Clubs and independent Gyms. This is an 8 week course using The Diet Plate ® range of products, but delivered by your own personal trainers or suitably qualified members of staff. We can, if required, supply Dietitians.

Club diet plate System - An 8 week course for Weight ManagementThe system, Club Diet Plate, is designed to give you a leading edge, yield more profit for your business and satisfy those members who desire weight loss as well as increased fitness. Your members will attend the club regularly on a weekly basis, and the need for them to seek weight loss advice elsewhere, for example traditional slimming clubs, is negated.

We offer a full artwork service if required, providing a branded 3' x 6' telescopic banner to encourage members to join your slimming club. All you need to provide is a suitable room that can be used as a "wellbeing room." To explore this opportunity further and discuss course fees, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to e-mail us.

Included In The Course Fee

  • Access to
  • The Diet Plate and Bowl
  • Course literature
  • Enrolment session and assessment
  • 8 scheduled weigh / measure sessions
  • Tailored exercise guidelines
  • Results sessions
  • Expert advice from qualified nutritionists and personal trainers (in-house or provided, by request)


Optional Extras

  • Metabolic rate testing - This gives a blueprint of an individual's energy balance and gives a kick-start to the programme. It provides extensive data on energy balance and optimum weight loss zone.


Club Diet plate has been written by Dr Ian Campbell and founder Kay llingworth. Your clients will have a tangible tool that has been approved by a clinical trial for the control of type-2 diabetes and general obesity. The Diet Plate ® has been chosen by the British Heart Foundation to be sold through their well being catalogue.

For more information please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to e-mail us.

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