Sunday 20th of June 2021
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Debbie Headen before The Diet Plate

Debbie Headen says, "I was happily married with three lovely children. I never gave a thought to what I ate but over the years I slowly grew from 68kg to 95kg. Now I weigh just 1.4kg more than I did when I was 18 years old! I love being able to fit into size 10 jeans."

Dropping Dress Sizes


Debbie, a busy mother of three small children to cater for, often found dieting hard work and would yo-yo with her weight. Debbie tried red and green days, shakes and counting calories or points and often would lose weight just to gain it all back and more when she came off her regime.
Debbie HEaden after using The Diet PlateCooking a special meal just for herself often proved impossible in her busy schedule, so Debbie resorted to grazing all day. However, Debbie was one of the first people ever to buy The Diet Plate ®. She loved the idea because she could cook for her family and sit down with them all to eat the same meal but using her diet plate. By practising portion control on her diet plate, she started to lose weight and cm. Within six months she had lost 25 kilos and dropped five dress sizes!

Debbie now maintains her weight loss using The Male Diet Plate

Debbie says, "I loved using the plate. It was so easy to follow. You don't have to think - just keep to the boundary lines. It's easy!"
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