Sunday 20th of June 2021
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Connie before The Diet Pate



I bought The Diet Plate® about 2 years ago and lost an amazing 16 kg with ease, it is not like a diet in the traditional sense, it balances your diet and also counts the calories because of the correct portion size offered. What I like about it is that I can eat what I like, from chicken salad to curry and rice, so it doesn't matter what I have in my fridge, I no longer consider certain foods diet food. I eat anything I fancy but in the right portions.


I lost 16kg!  16kg!!


I like to think I keep fit but as I had been studying for a degree all year, I had spent a lot of time at the table working and in front of my PC.

What a change to Connie after The Diet Plate 


As a busy working student sometimes I don't have time to plan, I know my trusty diet plate allows me to eat anything, so I never panic or beat myself up for coming off my diet and that's why it has worked for me.

The results are in my pictures and, two years later, I am still slim and fit.



      Highly recommended - it is a great product and everyone should have one.
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