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Plate Instructions PDF Print E-mail

A simple explanation of how the Diet Plate works...

Bowl Instructions PDF Print E-mail

The design for the Calorie Controlled Breakfast Bowl came about when I had a 'muesli jag' - well all those full grains, dried fruits and such seem so good for you. However, be warned. I discovered I had nearly 2520 kilojoules in my breakfast bowl, which was almost half of my daily kilojoule allowance!

Benefits of Using The Diet Plate PDF Print E-mail

No more guess work or painstaking weighing and counting, as it provides easy to follow visual guides to measure food portions. These might include curry, Bolognese, Chinese meals, etc. No more counting kilojoules and points or denial of food groups.

Portion Control Made Easy PDF Print E-mail

A simple lifestyle tool, The Diet PlateĀ® weight management system will teach you effective "Portion Control", giving you visual management of your daily intake of food. It is an innovative and highly recommended way to lose weight and keep it off.

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