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An overview by our Dietitian on the different foods groups, a confusing topic we aim to clarify for you. This is the next in a series of articles realting to each of the food groups.

meat, fish, chicken, legumes

Meat, fish and chicken portions need to be controlled, as the human body only needs a little protein every day to function properly. Any excess protein is turned into energy, a process that is very taxing to the body. High protein intakes make the body more acidic, which hastens the onset of osteoporosis, encourages gout and arthritis, encourages fatty liver and increases the risk for stroke and heart attacks. In addition, because of the high insulin demand of protein foods, insulin resistance is encouraged. Insulin resistance hampers weight loss.

For weight management the better choice of protein foods are those that are lower in fat. High fat protein choices can be included in meals occasionally. Should you choose to eat two types of protein foods (such as grilled bacon and scrambled egg), both protein foods must fit into the protein section of the plate.


Protein Section of The Diet PlateProtein Section of The Magic Plate


Lower fat proteins

The better choice

Higher fat proteins

Use only occasionally

Beef – grilled steak, fillet, roast, curry, goulash, casseroles, stews, topside mince

Crumbed beef schnitzel, fried steak, regular beef mince

Pork - rind and fat removed. Roast, chops, steaks, goulash, casseroles,

Sweet and sour pork, pork sausages,

Lamb – roast, chops (fat removed), casserole, curry, lamb potjiekos (fat removed)

Fried lamb and mutton chops. Mutton curry and casseroles

Mutton potjiekos

Chicken - skin removed. Grilled chicken, stews, casseroles, baked, chicken ala king, curry, roast chicken, potjiekos,

Fried chicken (Kentucky), chicken nuggets, chicken fingers,

Venison – all kinds, any cut


Pilchards, tinned salmon,


Fish – grilled hake, salmon,

Fish fingers, fried fish, battered fish, crumbed fish

Ostrich steak, mince, cubes, potjiekos, etc


Baked beans


Dishes made from cooked dry beans or peas


Cooked lentil dishes e.g. bobotie


Soya meat substitutes

Soya sausages and casseroles

Eggs- boiled, poached, scrambled


Grilled back or shoulder bacon





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