Sunday 20th of June 2021
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An overview by our Dietitian on the different foods groups, a confusing topic we aim to clarify for you. This is the next in a series of articles realting to each of the food groups.

Vegetables and fruit are the most important part of any meal. Besides supplying all the essential vitamins and minerals, and much needed fibre, they also add lots of appetizing colour and flavour. In addition, vegetables are low in energy (calories or kilojoules) and help to fill you up at every meal. Be generous with your vegetable servings – it is almost impossible to have to many vegetables. Having as many different colour vegetables as you can on your plate at every meal, not only to makes the meal more appetizing, but also optimizes the nutrition of the meal. Once you have dished up your starch and protein, fill the plate up with at least 2 different types of vegetables, raw as a salad, or cooked.


The maximum size fruit serving at any meal, should be no larger than two tennis balls. This can be two individual fruits, such as an apple and a pear; or fruit cut up into fruit salad; or a big bowl of berries, etc. Remember the more colour the better.

Fruit juices should be limited to occasional intake as only 125ml fruit juice is equivalent to a whole piece of fruit, and is not nearly as satisfying and does not contain any of the beneficial fibre.

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