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Here are some additional hints and tips from various dieting advice sources to help you become a successful slimmer with the help of your Diet Plate.

Avoid missing meals as it results in your metabolic rate lowering and causes your body to adjust the rate at which it processes energy (kJ or calories). The body reacts as if it had to survive a famine for as long as possible. If it can slow down on the use of its available energy supply (food and energy in the form of kJ’s or calories), then it will do so. It is important to keep our metabolism going while we try to lose weight, so eat breakfast, some fruit mid-morning, lunch, some fruit mid afternoon and dinner at a reasonable time – not at 10.00 pm. Remember to think portion control at every meal.


Drink plenty of water throughout the day – particularly hot water, as it is said to help the body get rid of toxins. It also fills you up and takes the edge off your hunger, and often we perceive thirst as hunger. So the next time you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water and the chances are you were in fact thirsty.




If you do not drink enough water then your body may retain fluid. It is best to drink a little water often. Think about how you would water a plant – if it is dry and you add a litre of water, then chances are it will run out of the bottom of the  pot, whereas if you keep it moist with a little water at regular intervals, it will flourish.


Always match your glass of wine or beer with an equal amount of water. Better still dilute the wine with soda water or sparkling mineral water. Choose small glasses for alcoholic drinks and remember keep to no more than 2 drinks.


Stick to the low calorie / low kilojoule (kJ) / artificially sweetened mixers – but not more than 3 cans per day.


Eating lots of cucumber, celery or peppers will help with fluid retention. Pineapple and melon are said to be fat cutters.


Be sure to eat a balanced diet. This means every meal should contain some starch, a little protein, and lots of vegetables and fruit. Using the Diet Plate Ò  will automatically take care of this.


Remember to exercise as much as possible. It does not have to be strenuous, as long as you enjoy it. One of the easiest and enjoyable forms of exercise is walking. Take your dog with you if you want instant company.


If you are hungry before going to bed, have a small portion of protein ( half the tape measure on the plate), as this may help with speeding up your metabolism.


Hungry between meals?

Fill up on vegetable soup without thickener. If you have a cup of this thin clear soup before meals, you will feel satisfied with less food.


Chocolate cravings?

Buy the small snack size chocolates mostly available in packets. Each chocolate should not weigh more than 25g – check the weight of the “bite-size” chocolates you are buying. Place them in the freezer and use to reward yourself, and not for comforting yourself. By the time the bite-size chocolate has defrosted, a taste is all you need. Remember to nibble the chocolate and not gulp it down in one bite.

In addition, you have made the decision that it is a little reward and so not enough to undo all the good you have done – a real reward.


Cake or biscuit cravings?

If you feel energetic, make your own low GI low fat muffins and biscuits using the Snacks and Treats for Sustained Energy recipe book, which you can order off this website. [put in link to the order form for this book]. Freeze the muffins and defrost as you need them, eating one at a time.

Alternately buy the mini muffins (mini cup cake size) and freeze these to use as you need them.  Mini biscuit packs are now also available. Remember to only have ONE mini muffin and 3 mini biscuits at a time.

So practice your portion control by buying the mini size and maximizing the use of your freezer.


Having a bad day?

Don’t worry if you have a bad day and your portions have become distorted. We all slip occasionally. Don’t think of it as a “diet”, rather realize that you are managing your weight using the Diet Plate Ò


Keep a picture of your favourite outfit or of you when you were slimmer on your kitchen cupboards, fridge or near to places that keep your favourite  portion controlled snacks. This will help as a reminder when you are tempted to over indulge.


Set yourself realistic targets for weight loss. Try losing weight in stages and at the end of each stage, when you have met your targets, really treat yourself. Perhaps to a new outfit, lipstick, movies with a friend, etc.


Lastly, if you have a good tip that has worked for you, please email it to us and we will add it to this page.

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