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Gail Galvin PDF Print E-mail

_DSC0258cropIt is with much excitement and anticipation that I am launching The Diet Plate ®in South Africa.

Eat healthily, plan your meals and exercise! You will love yourself and so will your body! Change all the old habits and learn perfect portion control. Portion size is the key to permanent weight loss. The Diet Plate® really works. I wish all of you great success with this wonderful product.

New Health Articles from Dr Ian Campbell PDF Print E-mail

Three new health related articles from Dr Ian Campbell - Obesity Specialist have been added to the site. Specifically relating to children and how as parents we can best provide a healthy future.


Healthy Kids PDF Print E-mail

It’s often claimed that we are in the midst of an epidemic of childhood obesity. Some even claim that because of obesity many of our children will live shorter lives than their parents. So just how serious is this modern problem? What is causing it, what are the consequences we face, and what can we do about it?


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