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Susan before The Diet Plate

During a research on the lap band surgery, I tripped across The Diet Plate® site. I was surprised how fast and how easy the first 23 kilos came off from Jan 2006 to Easter 2006 using the Male plate. I then switched to the female plate and lost another 11 kilos making it a total of 34 kilos off in 9 months!


Ride that Appaloosa! Go girl..

My husband was very worried about my weight and confessed his concern, (I had to have knee surgery, because my knees wore out from being so overweight). I told him I would try to lose it for him. I was shocked to find out how the pounds crept up on me thru 20 years.

Using The Diet Plate® I went from a size 24 to a 10. I also got a bonus and dropped my cholesterol from 337 to 198. My energy levels also increased, and instead of sleeping 10 or more hours a day, I was actually doing things, like riding my horses, gardening, walking, and could actually go shopping without a motor cart!

Slimline Susan after using The Diet PlateYes, I confess, I ate myself into not being able to shop in a store using my own feet. Wearing 2XX and 3 XX was also no picnic, pardon the pun. I also am pleased that I can actually buy clothes in any store. No more special order thru the mail to "tent-and-awning". I have given all the praise to these plates. They work when used in the manner directed.

I also take vitamins and I am also dieting with a Dr. over-seeing my progress. I found out that adding walking and weight lifting has shrunken my whole body. I was worried that I would have to include a plastic surgeon to aide me in losing the extra skin. I don’t need it.





So my best advice to anyone needing to lose weight is thus: See your Dr 1st, get these plates and have somebody for your personal trainer. Get off that couch, strap on a pedometer... and walk yourself 1.5 - 3  kilometres a day... and join me in a new healthy lifestyle. I started walking 15 metres and added extra steps every day. I plan on losing 7-9 more kilos. At 46 years old, I found out yes... you can have a 2nd childhood! I also love my new bikini!!! (giggle)... Susan Kopiwoda USA